Welcome to my blog in which I will be sharing some of my thoughts on photography, alongside shameless self promotion for my practice. It will feature new images that I make, and articles I have written.

I also want to share what I find interesting about my chosen profession, my points of view, and some of the things that I learn along the way. My blog posts may include news of photography exhibitions, pictures and books by artists that I enjoy, videos by favourite or inspiring photographers, or they might just be a rant against the system!

I plan to regularly post new pictures that otherwise might never see the light of day, or might end up appearing in a new Gallery on my website in a couple of years time. Hopefully this process will allow you to see new bodies of work as they develop, and gain an insight into why I make certain pictures…. (and if you can tell me why it would be a big help!)


Roger Coulam was born in Lincolnshire in 1965, and educated in Yorkshire and Newcastle upon Tyne. He began work as a freelance photographer in 1998 and turned professional in 2003.

During eight years from 2000-2007 he developed a worldwide reputation as a ground-breaking severe weather photographer, rapidly developing his photographic business, and making several appearances on television and radio.

In 2008, after re-evaluating the direction of his image making, he made a decision to concentrate on developing his creative practice.

Much of this work has been made without a camera, but has also included printmaking, and book making.

“My images reflect my own interests and concerns about the world, and also my place within it. I attempt to try and understand my experiences and responses by making pictures, to bring order, to look and to explore”.

He lives and works in Sunderland, England.


T: +44 (0)7748 085172

E: info@rogercoulam.com