My latest hand made book is titled Tempest and is based upon my eight seasons storm chasing in America. This is a body of work I have struggled with recently, mainly because many of the images are so “beautiful”, despite the fact that they illustrate some of the most violent forces on the planet. This contradiction is what I had in mind when selecting the pictures and words for this book, and it is a long way removed from a “best of” which would never have been made. In fact fifteen of the pictures have never been printed before, and many have are abstract in nature, so it all felt quite fresh. [...]

HDR & “Photoshopping”

I was very pleased to be asked to contribute a guest editorial piece for February’s edition of Practical Photography Magazine. http://www.photoanswers.co.uk/ This allowed me to cover a topic that is important to me, namely “Photoshopped” pictures and the abuse of HDR.

The text of my piece runs……………..

We live in a world filled with [...]