Elliott Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt talks about digital imaging and gives top tips for new photographers. [...]

English Leisure

Leica MP – TMax 400

There are hints of English oddness in these pictures. I particuarly like the fairground picture which seems to show the people moving at speed, however it was merely a biting westerly wind blowing their hair. It also seems to show the contradictions of such places, with garish sexist [...]

Three legged trouble

I have had a love hate relationship with Benbo tripods for over a decade now, but they provide me with a flexibility that suits my style of photography. Over the years I have had five different Benbos which have been immersed in seawater, frozen, dropped, bashed, and generally used and abused. One had blue sparks coming from it during a severe thunderstorm, whilst one even survived being lost by airport “security” twice (and I laughed at the thought of a “Security Officer” wrestling with the three legged tripod, which to the un-initiated can seem like an octopus when it’s unlocked.) [...]