Sublimely Ridiculous

The end of July marked the 12th year that I have photographed at the Sunderland International Airshow. I have been doing it long enough now that changes in fashion are becoming evident in my pictures – mobile phones began to appear everywhere, haircuts changed, and this year beards appeared for the first time. Perhaps [...]

3 Days in Burgerland

Roger Coulam’s new collection of photographs were made during the three days of the 2013 Sunderland Airshow. They provide a different perspective on this huge public event which is now in it’s 25th year. [...]


Some pictures of the patchwork of the urban environment, made on walks around Sunderland, South Shields, and Newcastle upon Tyne. Also details of my latest artists book, containing pictures from my Burgers & B52s series, photographed at the Sunderland Airshow over the past few years. [...]

Leica Camera Blog

I am delighted to have written my second blog piece for Leica. Todays post is about the importance of developing your own photographic style and putting together cohesive bodies of work, areas I have battled with over the years.

The blog post features pictures from my Burgers & B52′s gallery

You can read it [...]

Sun, Chips, and Machine Guns

The annual Sunderland Airshow happens every July, over the beach and ocean within a half a mile of my home. So it would have been rude not to go out and make some photographs! As normal the event delivered a unique mix of spectacle, consumerism, and violence, with the sunshine ensuring the promenades and fairgrounds were all packed. Many tonnes of chips and ice cream was consumed by all. [...]


My latest hand made book is titled Tempest and is based upon my eight seasons storm chasing in America. This is a body of work I have struggled with recently, mainly because many of the images are so “beautiful”, despite the fact that they illustrate some of the most violent forces on the planet. This contradiction is what I had in mind when selecting the pictures and words for this book, and it is a long way removed from a “best of” which would never have been made. In fact fifteen of the pictures have never been printed before, and many have are abstract in nature, so it all felt quite fresh. [...]