Trent Parke

Happy New Year.

What better way to start 2016 than with these two shorts clips about Trent Parke

I could spend many happy hours with his artist’s books.

Jindřich Štreit

Part one of a slide show by one of my favourite photographers Jindřich Štreit whose work I find compelling and moving.

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Alex Majoli

A fabulous Magnum video featuring the powerful images of Alex Majoli [...]

Future Tense

Future Tense is a sequence of 31 pictures that I have made over the last few years. The pictures are presented in a hand made concertina style book, with surface sculpted cover, and a series of cut outs. Like my previous books, Future Tense took the best part of two days to construct and complete, and this is without the time spent selecting, preparing, printing, and sequencing. But it is good to see the images working as a set, in what feels like their natural home. [...]

Garry Winogrand

Here are two videos full of insights from Garry Winogrand, the legendary and prolific street photographer.

Winogrand died in 1984 and left behind nearly 300,000 unedited images, and more than 2,500 undeveloped rolls of film.

“I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs.” G.W

William Klein

“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.” William Klein “I used the wide-angle lens as a normal lens. I had no philosophy about it. When I looked in the viewfinder and realized I could see all the contradictions and confusion that was there with the wide-angle — that was what was great… I’d had a Rolleiflex with different lenses, I wouldn’t have cropped that much. I had no compunction about cropping, because I did my own layouts…[And] I’d use anything in printing. Throw cyanide, white out over things. I approached photography a little bit like a painter would play with a lithograph, fooling around, pouring milk, tea, anything on it. It was the sort of thing that anybody with any sort of strict, classic photographic training would have qualms about. But I had no qualms at all about doing things with photography. First of all, I had no knowledge of it, and I couldn’t care less, because I thought the whole photographic world was alien.” William Klein (via Lens Culture) [...]

Back To the Wall

I have worked intermittently with Practical Photography Magazine since 2001, and recently completed a job with them as part of their “24 Hours With..” feature. The brief was that they follow me during a landscape shoot on Hadrian’s Wall, an area I have visited frequently over the years. But with Ben Hawkins, the Deputy [...]

Thomas Joshua Cooper

I recently attended an inspiring talk by the unique artist Thomas Joshua Cooper, who is regarded as one of the world’s most important landscape artists. The event was organised by the North East Photography Network

Thomas only makes images outdoors, only ever makes one image in any one place, and uses an Agfa [...]