Playing the Averages

I have found nothing in the world of digital photography that can match that moment when you hold up a sheet of negatives or transparencies to the light. With the sun behind it a correctly exposed large or medium format colour transparency gleams like some sort of polished stained glass window. At that moment you instinctively know how good they are, and which ones are worth printing or scanning. The very best pictures stand in a way that has never been repeated when I chimp at a LCD screen on the back of a digital camera. A histogram just does not do it for me! [...]

Escaping the Digital Straight Jacket – Pt 2

(Part One of this post is

Freeing myself from my tripod (and medium format) was mentally difficult but very liberating, and finding a balance between image quality and being able to take pictures quickly and spontaneously, (without too much thought), is an ongoing battle.

I dispensed with digital early in the project because [...]

Escaping the Digital Straight Jacket – Pt 1

Over the last year I have been working on a new body of pictures, which can be loosely classed as street photography.

My work was being completely dictated by my clients, and I invariably shot a certain type of picture for a certain marketplace. This stunted my creativity and almost stopped me making pictures, [...]