It’s Showtime!

I have finally got around to making a small collection of images made at agricultural fairs and shows during 2011 and 2012.

I hope you enjoy them and will take a look at them here

Thanks for taking the time to visit. If you enjoyed this post or others on the Dark [...]

The End of Summer

One of my personal projects is based around agricultural shows, and for the last two years I have photographed those in the Wear and Tees Valleys in County Durham. The Langdon Beck Sheep Show of 2012 really felt like the last day of summer (although I can’t remember the start of summer, but suspect that it might have been moist!) Teesdale looked glorious in the September sunshine, for one of the most traditional country shows in the north of England. My enduring memory of this show will be the welcome given to me by everyone involved, and the laughter that prevailed despite the serious competition. [...]

Teesdale Sheep Show

For many years Teesdale has been one of my favourite parts of England, and at the end of September I was lucky enough to visit what I consider to be a “proper” country show, one without all the commercial baggage that accompanies so many nowadays.

The Langdon Beck Sheep Show, which at one point [...]