Leica & Magnum: Past Present Future

I thought I would share two short videos from Leica, including one by the legendary Ralph Gibson http://www.ralphgibson.com/

4 comments to Leica & Magnum: Past Present Future

  • Elaine Dabiri

    Loved these videos especially Leica & Magnum. Thanks for posting this.

  • Elaine Dabiri

    Watched this – very interesting especially his comments on the ‘drama’ of black and white photography. In spite of all the great colour photos I have seen it’s the ‘dramatic’ black and white ones that really impress me.

    • I am pleased you found it interesting. Anders Peterson says that black and white pictures have more colours inside them, as you add your own experiences and subtle nuances of colour to them. My own take is that B&W pictures make you look harder at them, firstly as they are removed from what the eye is used to seeing, and secondly as without any colour they are stripped down to shape, form and texture. Roger