Ragnar Axelsson

Stunning pictures from “Last Days of The Arctic” by Ragnar Axelsson, who is one of Iceland’s best known photojournalists.

Here’s an interview about the same project and Axelsson’s work.

See more at http://www.rax.is/

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2 comments to Ragnar Axelsson

  • Elaine

    Hi Roger,
    Many thanks for putting these up. They’re really interesting and insightful. What a way to live and how good is it that Ragnar Axelsson has taken so much time and effort to document this slowly disappearing way of life before it vanishes completely. I was surprised and happy when he said that the hunters grieve for the polar bears they hunt – I wasn’t expecting to hear that.

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for the comment. Ragnar’s work is very sensitive, and he does cover some very tough subjects in some tough places! I can recommend a trip to his website as his pictures are superb. I saw a documentary some time ago on his work and was hooked. Much of it was based around his “Round Up” series http://www.rax.is/Gallery/Round_Up/index.html and I can’t wait till that is released as a book.