The Blast

I have been putting some words together for an online magazine about my latest project “The Blast”, and thought that sharing some of them here might give more background to what I have been trying to do with this new work.

Dragging together “landscape” and simple “still life” images has been a real struggle, [...]

Blast (Where the Earth Bleeds)

Roger Coulam’s latest collection of images from Blast Beach on the County Durham coastline, which was ravaged by centruies of heavy industry and coal mining. [...]

Memories of Summer

I thought it would be a good time to share a few pictures, as memories of the heat wave fade and the first signs of autumn appear around us.

Enjoying a good book in the shade – Arezzo, Italy

The joys of climbing trees – Windermere, Lake District

On the beach [...]

3 Days in Burgerland

Roger Coulam’s new collection of photographs were made during the three days of the 2013 Sunderland Airshow. They provide a different perspective on this huge public event which is now in it’s 25th year. [...]

A Message To The Visually Impaired

Thanks for taking the time to visit. If you enjoyed this post or others on the Dark Matters blog, please help and send it to a friend. And don’t forget to visit [...]


As am waiting for the inspiration that summer brings, and have been trying to make pictures regularly. That has proved difficult at times, and sometimes I have to make myself pick up my bag and go, and just wander, and see what life puts in front of me.

I find it difficult to [...]


As I move between different types of photography and jobs, I tend to collect ideas along the way. There are several folders on my computer into which I drop small thumbnail pictures that I feel may one day become the start of new bodies of work. These selections are invaluable at times when I [...]